How is it done?

It’s November 2020, everyone is working from their kitchens and bedrooms, so will there ever be a better time to mix personal and professional? I don’t know, but I want to write honestly and about what interests (or bothers) me, and I am starting this blog. Boom.

Does anyone even read long-form these days? I have a hunch that the answer is “yes” and so says this well-search-optimized article from page 1 of Google search. People read long texts if those cover the subjects interesting to them, as simple as that.

I know that to write something interesting enough for someone to read it, I need to be interested in the subject. A burning desire to write doesn’t harm either. I haven’t had that desire for a very long time, but now it’s back.

Years ago, I used to be an insatiable graphomaniac producing posts of all sorts of length on It was very fashionable (?) in my young and unnecessarily dramatic circles. Encrypted messages to that person, angry rants, self-glorifying descriptions of one’s day, an occasional picture with just a bit of text… I wrote and wrote, just like everyone else on that platform. Then I became more of a reader. Then I abandoned it altogether. Switched to Instagram. Have been documenting my life visually since 2011.

But Instagram has no links. And it’s usually on a tiny screen. (And I won’t write another interrogative sentence wondering if people read long texts on their laptops and desktop computers, but I am definitely very loudly wondering in my head.)

This will be a place for me to write about language and writing. I do write for a living (short-form, microcopy, as a matter of fact); I just miss writing for fun.

I do not want to reserve this for topics connected to writing exclusively because the writing that I do is UX writing, and UX is the field that I would like to examine and learn about. So some of the posts here can be about UX subjects not related to writing.

I just want to write.



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Ilana Zholobovsky

Ilana Zholobovsky

Humanities graduate working in tech and trying to make users' lives easier one UX copy bit at a time.